Here’s what prominent Catholic voices have to say about Patty’s work:

“I have been mentoring Patty Schneier for several years and have seen the amazing things that God has done in her life. She is a testimony to the power of the Theology of the Body to open hearts and transform lives. She proclaims the glorious truth of God’s plan for life and love, not as a theologian or biblical scholar, but as an ordinary wife and mother. That is the power of her witness — she is an ordinary person transformed by God’s extraordinary love.”

– Christopher West, Fellow, Theology of the Body Institute

“Patty’s authenticity, energy, and joy are contagious. She is a woman of great wisdom and talent who captivates her audiences with her matchless splendor. More than ever, our culture is in need of just such ‘feminine genius’.”

– Deby Schlapprizzi, Catholic Speaker and Radio Host

“If you listen to Patty Schneier’s story, you may be challenged to wrestle with God … Are you prepared?”

– Most Reverend Paul Zipfel, Former Bishop of Bismarck, North Dakota….(May he rest in peace)

“I do not generally recommend tapes or CDs but I do hear in this woman’s testimony a message which I believe is a significant call to conversion, a counter cultural call, a challenging call, a call from God to hear and heed His wisdom expressed in and through the Church.”

– Most Reverend Robert Vasa, Bishop of Santa Rosa, California

“Patty Schneier has a message that our young people of today need to hear. She knows what nurtures the heart. She has experienced this personally, and her lively presentations bring the audience to life. I encourage you to listen.”

– Most Reverend Robert J. Hermann, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of St. Louis, Missouri

“Enthusiastic, energetic and effervescent. Patty has a fervor for the faith that is contagious and will leave her audiences with a faith-filled boost.”

– Ray Guarendi, Psychologist, author, radio host

“Patty Schneier was influential in my conversion to the practice of authentic Catholic women’s healthcare. God has given her a gift to enthusiastically reach out to others and lovingly share the truth of salvation. In this culture of death, she shines as beacon of light to those who thirst for the truth about contraception, chastity, and the Catholic faith!”

– Richard X. Brennan, MD

Here’s what people are saying about Patty’s Testimony,
“Prove It, God!”... And He Did:

Comments from priests:

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Love Letters from Mom on What Matters Most is a compilation of personal letters written by Patty to her three children as they mature into adulthood and venture out on their own. Without preaching or scolding, she candidly discusses the joys of living a faith-filled life, what it means to be a Catholic in the world today, and why it matters. It is a book to inspire and encourage all parents and their children – no matter what their age – to live for Christ, to strive for holiness, and desire Heaven.