Hearts are touched. Lives are changed. Bishops, priests, teens and adults of all ages are inspired by Patty Schneier's presentations.

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Sunday Mornings … 7:00
As a cantor for over 20 years, music is an important part of Patty’s life and ministry. Sunday Mornings … 7:00 is a collection of Catholic favorites sung with prayerful simplicity. Titles include Panis Angelicus, You are Mine, Anima Christi, Were You There, and more.

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Prove It, God! … And He Did (for adults of all ages)
“Prove It, God!” …  And He Did is the personal testimony of Patty Schneier in which she describes her journey of discovery, repentance, and renewal. This presentation is enlivened by the strong sense of God’s presence, the power of His Word, and the amazing way He worked to bring a “Cafeteria Catholic” to conversion. Through song, scripture, and writings from her journal, Patty shares the story of her challenge to God—and His daily response. The results were life-changing! Patty now shares this testimony at Catholic conferences and parishes across the United States.

True Love … How Will I Know? (for high school/college students.)
In True Love … How Will I Know, Patty Schneier invites young adults to learn the meaning of real love. With Christ as the supreme example, Patty explains how we are called to love one another as Christ loved us, in and through our bodies. True love, the “real thing,” speaks to the deepest desires of our hearts. We want it; we were created for this authentic love. But it is only when we know what true love is—and what true love communicates — that we can recognize a counterfeit. In discussing the many counterfeits that abound in our culture, Patty demonstrates how they pale in comparison. She also shows how they lead directly to abortion and a culture of death. This talk is filled with personal stories and real-life examples. It directly addresses the many pressures that teens/young adults face, and equips them with the knowledge and tools needed to withstand these pressures. But most of all, this talk will help them decide for themselves that the “real thing” is worth the wait!

Parents Get Real! Talk to your Teen about Love (for parents.)
As a current mother of teenagers and a former high school teacher, Patty has a heart and a passion for teens—and their parents. Parents, Get Real is a message of hope for parents who sometimes struggle for the right words to say regarding love, life, dating, sex, and marriage.  She offers practical tips and suggestions to help parents discuss the Truth about love and the many counterfeits in our culture. This talk will encourage and equip parents to be pro-active and to be the “first teacher” of their child when it comes to the important moral issues teens face.  Most importantly, she encourages parents to live and model chastity within marriage in order for their teen to be chaste as well. (This talk also works well as a “parent night preview” before presenting True Love… How Will I Know? to teens in school.)

Come and Go (for adults of all ages)
How can we pass the faith on to our children? How can we turn our homes into truly Catholic homes? How can we share the “Good News” within our family and among friends?  Evangelization is not just for the clergy.  We are all called to spread the seeds of faith everywhere we go, at any time, at any place—from the hair salon to the golf course!  In her talk, Come and Go, Patty presents evangelization tips for the ordinary Catholic, so that you will have the confidence and enthusiasm to spread the “Good News” everyday!

“God, I Really Don’t Have Time for This!” (for adults of all ages.)
Life is hectic! It’s difficult to find time for quiet, reflective, meditative prayer… but we need it desperately. Without prayer, we will die spiritually. In this energetic, “down-to-earth” talk, Patty shares ways to incorporate prayer into your every day life — in the midst of car pools, errands, housework, jobs, and chaotic schedules. Discover how you can transform your prayer life — no matter how young, no matter how old, no matter how busy you are!  No more excuses: Find the prayer life your soul has been searching for!

Unlock the Treasure (for adults of all ages)
Often, we take our faith for granted — especially those of us who are life-long Catholics.  Year in and year out, we go through the same routine, and become quite comfortable in our spiritual life. But there is so much more… Our Catholic faith is inexhaustible in its depth, richness, knowledge and beauty. Are you growing? Are you tapping into the wealth of treasure that awaits you on your journey? Or, are you content to settle for one small golden “coin”, when God wants to give you billions? Unlock this treasure and experience the boundless mercy, unlimited grace and overwhelming joy of being Catholic!

One Step Away (for adults of all ages)
No one wants to talk about it. Everyone fears it, but we can’t escape it: Death. Are you ready at any moment to enter into eternity? Are you prepared for The Cross? What words do you want on your lips? If you suddenly faced the prospect of death, could you embrace it? In this talk, Patty shares the true story of her own experiences, when she suddenly found herself “one step away” from eternity.  Grateful to be alive, she candidly talks about suffering, pain, surrender, and faith.

I Always Wanted to be a Princess (for women’s groups)
We are wives and mothers, business women and nurses, teachers and Scout Leaders, Room Moms and coaches — not to mention the daily cook, cleaning lady and chauffer. So often, we spin our wheels and exhaust our spirit as we try to be Superwoman. Who are you? What is your true identity? Discover how you can live in the joy and freedom of being “God’s Masterpiece”— amidst the laundry and dirty dishes of ordinary life. Reclaim your identity as a daughter of the Royal King!

In Defense of Love (for adults of all ages)
Many of the Church’s moral teachings are grossly misunderstood in the media, in politics and within our own families. Amidst the current debate over the HHS Mandate, Catholics need to be ready to explain and to defend why the Church says what it says — with concrete details and sound reasoning. Originally presented to lawyers and judges from the St. Thomas More Society, this talk is relevant to all who want to confidently influence the culture and address the falsehoods that prevail. St. Thomas More, pray for us, that we might persevere in defense of love!

Onward Without Fear
Fear is useless; what is needed is trust.  We know this truth in our head, but when the circumstances of life become daunting and frightening, it is so difficult to actually live it!  Sometimes, we operate out of fear without even realizing its effects.  In this talk, Patty discusses the nature of fear and shares some practical tools to dispel the darkness and live in the light!  With faith, hope, and love, you too will be able to say, “Jesus, I trust in you!  ….Onward!”

Timeless Lessons From Timeless Women
What do women of today have in common with women found in Sacred Scripture? Because our daily lives are so different, and our world is so fast-paced, it can be difficult to relate to women in the Bible. Yet, if we ponder their stories, we can soon discover that they have so much to teach us! In this talk, Patty takes a look at some fascinating women, bringing them to life in the 21st Century. Their message is timeless!

Straight Talk to Men: How to Love your Wife 
(originally recorded for a Men’s Group, but this talk is applicable for both spouses)
Love one another as I have loved you…”  Fifteen years ago, Patty wrestled with this question and asked, “HOW, Lord?  What does that look like in marriage?”  These questions led Patty and her husband Larry to discover the meaning of authentic love, real intimacy, and the transforming power of God’s grace.  In this talk, Patty speaks directly to men.  It is by far her most important and most personal talk, in which she shares the beauty of married love from lived experience.  Imagine how strong EVERY marriage would be if every husband really knew how to love his wife…  It changes everything.

What Does That Have to Do with Vocations? 
(for anyone who wants to foster holy vocations in the family)
As the mother of a newly ordained priest and radio show host to foster vocations, Patty is often asked, “What did you do to foster your son’s vocation?”  In this talk, Patty shares personal stories that illustrate the undeniable power and beauty of God’s call.  She also discusses current issues in family life that will either encourage or inhibit a “YES” to that call.  Most of all, she helps parents to create a holy family and to see every vocation as a call to authentic, joyful, self-giving love.

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Love Letters from Mom on What Matters Most is a compilation of personal letters written by Patty to her three children as they mature into adulthood and venture out on their own. Without preaching or scolding, she candidly discusses the joys of living a faith-filled life, what it means to be a Catholic in the world today, and why it matters. It is a book to inspire and encourage all parents and their children – no matter what their age – to live for Christ, to strive for holiness, and desire Heaven.